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For Momma

Dove’s distant coo at evening’s sunset

brings melancholy memories of moments

when we frolicked through forests,

traversed fallen trees uniting hollows,

and lit the adjacent pasture afire

without intention.

At every adventurous day’s end,

you prepared the table, ran baths,

knelt in prayer with folded hands at bedside,

and soundly tucked each of us in

with a good night kiss

and an I love you.

Growing, we watched your ways,

mirrored your generosity,

and led our children

down their own adventurous paths.

And each evening we find ourselves

kneeling in prayer with praise

for this thing we call family:

a mother whose prayers move mountains,

a warrior standing firmly

against the powers of darkness

for her family.

And we are always thankful,

ever grateful,

for having been born

into this world

under your care,

into your arms,

full of your love.

© 2019


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