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Makin' Memories

Down the path back through the woods is where I like to go,

no matter if the grass is green or covered up with snow.

From our house to the cabin, I scurry to and fro.

Yep, that’s where Grandma comes sometimes. I love my grandma so.

That little house back in the woods is full of fun and joys.

We build a fire and play some games made just for little boys.

We eat small white donuts when I awake each day,

as we cuddle in the blankets; we then set out to play.

My Pops, he built a zip line across the holler there,

And me ‘n my big sister go flyin’ through the air.

My newest little brother just now is gettin’ brave…

he flies with my daddy, all serious and grave.

We’re makin’ precious mem’ries…that’s what Grandma said…

Spendin’ time together all cuddled in her bed…

playin’ games together, eatin’ kettle corn…

cuttin’ paper snowflakes early in the morn.

I guess I gotta go now…no lingerin’ or stallin’…

From the little house back in the woods, my grandma is a callin’.

She wants her kids to come and play; she says, “Hurry down!”

Yep, I’m a happy camper when Grandma comes to town.

© Donna Arthur Downs

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