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Several people have asked me for this poem, so I'm putting it here in case anyone finds it meaningful. :)


Treasures aren’t held in boxes

nor found in the purses of man–

They are not created by jewelers

nor formed by a potter’s hand–

Treasures aren’t gathered by seashores

nor put on a shelf for display,

Rather, they’re found in the hearts

of the mighty God’s vessels of clay.

They’re found in the eyes of a loved one–

in the touch of a mother’s hand–

On the lips of a small child smiling–

in side-by-side footprints in sand–

In an outstretched hand of a good friend,

willing to share in the load–

Yes, these are the most precious treasures–

worth more than the finest of gold.

©Donna Arthur Downs

#treasures #mother #potter #footprints

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