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about me?

Since I've spent the last few years realizing it isn't "about me," this section

requires contemplative processing, at the least.


No, it's not about me. It's about life. Life is simply life. If we grasp too hard to the material pieces set before us, we find ourselves caught in the satanic lie that virtue is found in items...things here today and gone tomorrow...meaningless "stuff" eaten by moths and corrupted by rust...and those things bring great happiness.


Not so. Happiness does not equal joy. Lives filled with joy are those lives that having discovered answers to the deepest questions seek only to pass along the peace

of the presence of God. Without God all is vain hopelessness. Life deprived of

God is a vast void stretching further than squinted eye can see or outstretched

hand can reach. It's an emptiness never to be filled, a chasm

never to be bridged, a fountain never found flowing. 

The essence of our very being is the Spirit living in us, guiding our hearts, minds, thoughts to a place imaginable only by those who know. We must choose the path leading away from darkness and into eternal light, everlasting joy, unending hope. And in choosing, we find life. That's what it's all about. Simply life.


©Donna Arthur Downs

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